3D / 6D Eyebrow Tattoo, Lips Tattoo

A revolutionary new semi-permanent makeup technology that creates natural looking, stylish and full eyebrows.     

3D Eyebrow Tattoo (Shading eyebrows) - is semi-permanent pigment for those who prefer to have a fuller-looking eyebrow as the results produce darker and bolder strokes.
6D Eyebrow Tattoo (Hair stroke eyebrows) - The technique used is natural feathering of hair like strokes creating a beautifully designed and natural-looking result. This one-by-one stroke simulates the look of real eyebrows and is semi-permanent. The design is made using all-natural pigments implanted by hand, and takes approximately 2 hours.  
How long does it last?
Generally 3D / 6D tattoo will last up to 2 years. After a few weeks you will notice some discoloration and you will need a touch up session about a month after the initial embroidery to have a better result. The technician will fill any color that did not adhere properly 
Is it Safe?                                                                                
Absolutely. Use of disposable needles and sterilization of equipment as required.
Can anyone do it?                                                                
It is a procedure that can be done on anyone but if you have thin eyebrows, bald spots or you have over-plucked your eyebrows then this maybe the best solution for you.
Lip tattoo – Semi-permanent lip color, resulting in youthful, fairer and fresher complexion

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