HIFU firming

Super HIFU Body Slimming and Tightening Treatment provides both non-invasive and innovative solution called High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to remove stubborn fat cells that are difficult to burn off even through strenuous exercises and extensive weight loss regimens.


Safe, Effective, No side effects or damage to skin

It is also suitable for those who desire more curvaceous hip lines and slimmer contours.


How it works

Macro-focused cartridges directly transfer an equal distribution of ultrasound energy into the subcutaneous tissue or 1-2 cm below the skin surface at multiple body areas, inducing contractions as well as naturally disposing of stubborn fat cells for contouring purposes without any burns or trauma to the skin.


The stubborn fat cells are disrupted by the HIFU resulting average 3-8 cm in 1 to 3 treatments (45 days between each treatment).


Although some results from HIFU Body Slimming and Tightening are often seen in 1-2 weeks, it often takes 3-6 month for the final results to be realized. Clients experienced only mild or no discomfort.

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