LG lifting

Reduction of wrinkles, Solving the sagging problem of facial skin can be treated without surgery! 

With GentleYAG® from America, the high wavelength allows light to penetrate deep into the skin Therefore helping to stimulate new collagen fibers to be added to the deep skin layer to the dermis without damaging the upper layer of the skin.

There is also a Dynamic Cooling Device or DCD ™ technology, which is a cooling spray system that will come out before firing the laser to protect the upper layer of the skin. So the patient feels comfortable during the treatment. It does not cause any marks or black spots.


    • Face lift

    • Reduce wrinkles

    • Returns the skin to be naturally firm

    • Tighten pores smooth skin and make the face look younger

After treatment

The area where the laser will be slightly red or pink. and firm up Approximately 1-2 hours after the treatment, the red or pink marks will fade. But will be firm as before can make up Can use daily life as usual

Doctor’s advice

For better visible results, the treatment should be repeated about 4-5 times, 3-4 weeks apart each time.

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